t3 email templates

t3 email templates

With in built HTML editor


The new email template maintenance area of t3 allows the creation of email templates for each area where emails can be sent. Categorised into sections multiple templates can be created and styled using the HTML editor.

Specific data can also be brought through from the booking using tags to create more personalised customer facing emails. 

The available tags are:

*BOOKREF* - Booking reference

*BOOKDATE* - Booking date

*BOOKCOST* - Cost of booking

*BOOKPAID*' - Amount paid

*BOOKBALANCE*' - Balance outstanding

*CUSTTITLE* - Lead customer title

*CUSTINITS* - Lead customer initials

*CUSTSURNAME* - Lead customer surname

*CUSTADDR1* - Lead customer address line 1     

*CUSTADDR2* - Lead customer address line 2

*CUSTADDR3* - Lead customer address line 3

*CUSTADDR4* - Lead customer address line 4

*CUSTPOSTCODE* - Lead customer postcode

*TOURREF* - Tour reference code

*TOURDESTINATION* - Tour destination

*TOURDATE* - Tour departure date

*TOURDURATION* - Tour duration in days

*TOURACCOMNIGHTS* - Number of nights


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